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Ordering books online or Bookshop in Beijing

Posted by Beijing Resident (3832 days ago)

Has anybody had any problems ordering books online from or other similar websites and getting them into China OK? I was wondering if they might not get through customs. I'm not talking about porn mags etc but general novels and business books.

Or do you have any success stores of ordering online to China?

Also are there any excellent english book stores in Beijing with good recent novels, business and non fiction books, if so where are they?


#1 Posted by Kelly (3717 days ago)

I was wondering same thing about customs.
I need to order some books and Texas Instrument Calcurator from
I hope I can make sure that my package get through customs and do not pay fortune for customs fee.

And did you try the WangFuJing Book store?
They have some books in English, but not sure about recent ones.

#2 Posted by Beijing Resident (3717 days ago)

Great, thanks for the reply. I will give it a try. I will shop around first for the best prices.

I also want to check out the book store. I will await your reply.

Thanks again.

#3 Posted by Beijing Resident (3717 days ago)

Yes I did go to the Xinghua bookstore in Wangfujing but it was a number of months ago. I should go and have another look.

#4 Posted by Beijing Resident (3717 days ago)

Rolf, I went to the book shop yesterday and wasn't really worth the trouble unless you are after art or achitecture books.

There were some business books there but very expensive. I think if I order from Amazon or other online book stores it will cost me cheaper.

I will check out Wangfujing later.

#5 Posted by Beijing Resident (3717 days ago)

I was looking on Amazon today and they have some of the specialist business books I am looking for so I think I will order them through their website.

The books I saw were 250Yuan onwards. It's actually cheaper for me to order on line with the delivery included. Though it will take me a couple of weeks to get them.

I will checkout Wangfujing the next chance I get, I live over west and don't go across to the east that often.

#6 Posted by Beijing Resident (3717 days ago)

I thought you might want to know that I ordered 4 books on the 20th through Amazon and I received them today! 1 week to get here. Great.

One box was open but nothing missing. The delivery charge was an extra $7 for each book. So it added around an extra 35% on the total charge.

#7 Posted by Rolf Streete (3717 days ago)

I've ordered books through and they've come here fine. All my trade journals get through, although I think that some do get checked. A Chinese colleague gets books sent from US quite regularly and has said things have relaxed a little over the last few years with regards to foreign books coming in from 'approved sources'.....whether that includes amazon, I don't know.

He did tell me about a large bookstore / importers near Workers Stadium that has a great range of business and non fiction stuff and you won't have the hassle of getting checked. It's a big white building on the right hand side heading north towards workers stadium....I'll get the name as soon as I speak with him again.

#8 Posted by Rolf Streete (3717 days ago)

BR, the company is (imaginatively) called China Book and Magazine Import and Export Company. Apparently, they have recently moved from the 2nd floor of that large white building (10 storey) I was on about before, to another smaller building very close by on Gongren Tiyu Chang Dong Lu.....just 100m south of the traffic lights before workers stadium on the east side. I'm not exactly sure which building but I assume that it would have a decent sign and that people in the vicinity will know.

Hopefully, you should be able to find this place based on this dodgy info. Let me know how you get on as I want to make a trip there soon myself.

#9 Posted by Rolf Streete (3717 days ago)

Thanks for the feedback, BR. It just so happens that architecture books are a main interest of mine!

Hope you get on better in Wangfujing. When I went there last they had lots of classics but also some newer novels and thrillers too, in the WFJ bookstore and Foreign language bookstore. I still rely on occasional trips to HK to get the books in - Page One and WHSmith at the airport.

BTW, have you tried the bookstore in Lufthansa centre (5th floor I think). Again there are plenty of architecture and design books but seemed to be some other business books and novels there too from memory.

#10 Posted by Rolf Streete (3717 days ago)

Hope that the 'Ladies Art' books were worth it, BR. Happy Days ; )

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