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Where to buy toys in beijing for my children?

Posted by Taiji (1818 days ago)

I have two children. one is 3, the other is 6. I want to buy some toys for them. but no idea where I should go. They like LEGO toys very much. Anyone knows?

#1 Posted by Platobeijing (1818 days ago)

You can go to Benny Store, Beijing Shopping.
They have plenty of toys, including LEGO, CHICCO. And they have free delivery.

#2 Posted by annepangjenkins (1801 days ago)

Have you been to Solana 蓝色港湾 near to Chaoyang Park? They have quite a couple of shops for kids toys.

On the 4th floor of The Place 世贸天阶 they have a CHICCO shop and 2-3 other shops for toys as well.

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